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Every saturday premiership match so far virtually unwatchable

Hope someone can be of more help than Delhi who suggests i turn the box on and off.....they must think i'm an idiot.I can watch BT sport midweek without any problems,as soon as i sit down saturday lunchtime for the premiership match the box reports various errors and the screen starts to break up/scramble......week 1 i missed the first 70 minutes....although picture went ok at half time !! This saturday i saw probably half with the 2nd half being really bad. Other things are streaming ok ....its obviously not a problem my end but wondered if anyone else has had the issue and found a solution. I have the small Youview box.  Watching now TV later in the day and all is it sky streaming well and BT not,i saw on twitter loads of people complaining.

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Re: Every saturday premiership match so far virtually unwatchable

ps.i'm on BT superfast

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Re: Every saturday premiership match so far virtually unwatchable

Just want to put in my views too. Having the exact same issues. Mid week games flawless, but at the weekend the box inturrpts the game saying there are broadband issues. A speed test on another device shows im getting 37mbps (i have 38mbps fibre cap) so theres nothing wrong with the speed. What I think (and im pretty much 100% sure) BT's servers are over capcity and can't push out enough speed when everyone is watching on Saturday. BT need to sort this im not getting a service I'm paying for!



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Re: Every saturday premiership match so far virtually unwatchable

I think it's a case of broadband overload, too many people trying to watch online, sky does not have these problems because they do not have any competition over the airwaves. Don't worry you are not missing much because Darren Fletcher the usual commentator is the most irritating person I have ever had the misfortune to listen to, he must really like the sound of his own voice does he stop to breathe, a word in your earhole Darren if you are ever in a pub which can't afford sky subscriptions they will have one of them dodgy boxes where they can get every football game in the world (almost) tune in to the Dutch channel it is how commentating should be done, name the player (pass) name the player (pass) and so on. There got it off my chest the **bleep**

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Re: Every saturday premiership match so far virtually unwatchable


 I have had BT Sport since it first began and have had it in SD and HD.  I have suffered always from pixellation, pauses, loss of sound etc when watching on my TV. All these faults appear with a fairly fast moving sport such as football or rugby but not with something like indoor bowls (sad). 

If I was watching Champions League on my TV, the picture and sound were useless but watching at the same time on my PC and ipad the reception was excellent.  So the odd one out is the TV.  Then I saw on a BT site that the recommended screen resolution is either 1080i or 720p but I was watching on 1080p. I have now changed to 1080i and now it is perfect.  Can't believe I suffered all that crappy reception all that time.  All that remains now is to get rid of the pathetic commentators who drive me nuts with their continuous garbage.

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Re: Every saturday premiership match so far virtually unwatchable

I've had bt sport on sky since it started and recently on BTTV, sky is always perfect with an antiquate setup, on sky via satellite.


Sky don't use IPTV multicast. IPTV multicast uses all UDP packets so there is little in the way of error correction no retransmission of bad packets ( unless you are lucky enough to be on a fibre cab with ReTX support  but that does help unscreened ethernet cables in electrically noisy environments), and little or no buffering. it's allot like broadcast tv. The Issues can be difficult to diagnose.


You need really good error free DSL line, good working hardware, in some cases good quality screened Ethernet cables (google duronic cat6a for my personal favorite). The worst part is the BT supply a good screened Ethernet cable for UHD, however the BT home up doesn't have grounding round the Ethernet ports to complete the screening, making it far less effective.

It's anoying, I get a glitch every time the water/central heating click on or off.

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