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Half price BT Sport/Big Sport offer



I have an existing contract till the end of 2022 for my services and am currently on the Entertainment package.

I was looking to change to BT Sport and saw the offer of half price for 3 months  on the main BT home page yet when I click on it it just comes up with the TV packages at the stand prices.

Is the offer for new BT TV customers only, if so why have a swap your package link by it, or is it a discount added once you sign up and hence they show the pricing as standard to start off with.

Also does it start a new TV/Broadband contract.

Sorry for all the questions but the online self service is not exactly clear or easy to use and hence why i normally do the phone call option though I did try the on line chat only to see the whirring circle for 20 minutes and nothing else.

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Re: Half price BT Sport/Big Sport offer

Visiting will show new customer offers, once logged in you'll see bespoke packages as you're logged in so the website can see you have services already.

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Re: Half price BT Sport/Big Sport offer

I have never thought the discounts you get as an existing customer are anywhere near as good as those for new customers or those from Now TV.