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Re: Help in receiving BT Sports

BT Sport is not available on 'Freesat' but is available on 'Freesat from Sky'. They are two different platforms and basically BT Sport needs to be on the Sky version as that has the facility for subscription channels. Even when it's free BT Sport is still a set of subscription channels.


See the question about Freesat at the bottom of this BT Sport help page.,6459,6459


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Re: Help in receiving BT Sports

@Leg2ion wrote:

Most odd...just spoke to a Sky rep - who told me you couldn't get BT Sports with Freesat - which I think is incorrect - but If however I wanted to take out a 'proper' package and 12 month contract then yes I could get it...


Thanks all to the input, I think I know what direction to go in.

The SKY rep was correct. You cannot get BT sport with Freesat, BUT BUT BUT he forgot to mention that you can get BT sport using a Sky box on FREESATFROM SKY which is different from Freesat. You do need a active Sky card, this does not need a Sky Subscription. If you do not have a  active Sky card you can get a Freesatfromsky card for about £25 from Sky.


Once you have the card you can just contact BT and activate the card with BT for BT Sports.


It tells you here:



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Re: Help in receiving BT Sports

Guys - apologies - you are taking me too literally. When I say I spoke to a Sky rep ref freesat, I spoke to him about SKY freesat - I wouldn't speak to him about anything else - no point really. Hence my disbelief when he said I couldn't link BT Sports.


I understand there is a difference between Sky freesat and normal freesat...


What he did say though was if I took out a complete subscription package I deffo would get it. Most odd how he played down the (SKY) freesat side of things and then informed me about the subscription option to get what I was enquiring about...





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