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Missold BT Youview

Hi , I recently bought a bt youview box as I already have bt infinity broadband. When I and my partner spoke to Bt ( what we later found out was a third party sales acting on behalf of BT) we explained that we only had a freesat box / satellite what was confirmed would just plug in and be done, we were also told we had 7 days to return the box if we did not get on with it. THe salesman also said that it would easily fit through the letterbox - which we queried ( due to the size of a tv receiver box) The Youview box came and would not fit through the letterbox but luckily I was in. When I went to plug in it said it needed a normal aerial otherwise you could not get all the options I paid for.

I rang Bt to explain what happened and they told me that we could not cancel our contract and we had to wait 14 days to find out what the telephone conversation said, I asked for a copy of the phone call too knowing we were correct. Bt rang me today and confirmed that we had been miss sold the product, they also explained I could not have a copy of the phone call without paying £10.00 - I was never told this previously. I explained I would be willing to carry on with youview if I could have some sort of compensation e.g the sky sports package with HD to which they said I could have £5.00 off a month, this really does not seem worthy if I have to pay for an aerial and installation which will cost probably a couple of hundred pounds with installation. Is there any further way I can take this? I currently have BT infinity on a contract If I could get out of this I would be gone today as the way I have been treated is disgraceful and the story keeps changing with every phone call. The only reason I ask is BT this year also miss sold my parents a broadband package saying they could have it when they live in the middle of nowhere and once they got the hub it they couldn't? Is this not illegal what is also going on, third party salesman are pushing products knowing that they will not perform how they should? If I went to trading standards would it lead anywhere? Any advice on what I should do would be appreciated.

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Re: Missold BT Youview

A YouView box was never going to fit through a letter box.  The new Home Hubs 4 and 5 have been made extra-slim so they will - I expect the sales person was getting confused.


Technically, you have 7 working days to return the YouView box under the Distance Selling Regulations, and then BT can't charge you for it.  However, returning the box won't cancel your subscription to BT Vision.  Services are covered by a different part of the DSRs, and a cooling-off period is unlikely to apply.


BT's complaints system is a shambles, as you've discovered.  They used to have a dedicated call centre, but now it's just the same call centre as everything else, and staffed by poorly-trained workers.  If you think the service was mis-sold, you need to keep pushing.

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