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Newcastle vs Chelsea below-par Coverage

Really was looking forward to this game but BT ruined it by turning it into basically Mourinho-TV

Was it really required to have the BT BOX onscreen for what was over 2 minutes of added time of just him standing there?!

Did BT forget that Newcastle played well to get a win at home? 


Michael Owen is beyond poor and i still cannot fathom why he has a job. 

It says alot when all you see on social media is constant mickey-taking of him. 

Even paddy power have started making GIF of people jumping out of windows because he is commentating!!!! 


BT Sport, you need to seriously have a look at yourselves and sort this out because it was so biased to Chelsea today it was shameful! 


Newcastle United won today, or did you forget that in your José love-in??! 

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Re: Newcastle vs Chelsea below-par Coverage

Trouble is the media love Jose. He always loves to find something to moan about when he loses. Time wasting, parking the bus. It's as if everyone does it but him. He's parked so many buses in his time he must work for Arriva.