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Result spoilers and mismatched titles

Can someone please explain to me why on the app and on the TV you insist on having images and titles that reveal the results to an event that someone may wish to catch up on. Again today I wanted to watch the Moto GP, 2 and 3 but when looking at the section on Moto GP there it is an image with the riders podium and other videos also showing rider crashes and titles explaining what happened, thanks for spoiling the result! 

I decided to watch the Moto GP race in full anyway and what do I get, the Moto 3 race! USELESS 

I see that others are having the same on the football pages too. Why can you not have a list of videos with titles that actually relate to the clip without spoiling the results?



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Re: Result spoilers and mismatched titles

Just wanted to back up your post.

It is absolute stupidity to show the outcome of a football game on the link to the full catch up video. It's bad enough on the highlights, but flat out ridiculous for the full 90 minute replays. I wonder how many people bother to watch these once they know the scores.
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