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Smart control suggestion for BT TV box

I find it annoying that my Samsung 4k smart TV is not smart enough to  support smart integration  because its now 4 years old. It would be great if BT could introduce this functionality so that (for example) when someone rings my video doorbell they could be displayed picture in picture on my TV.

Taking this a few step further BT should be looking at more functionality which can be provided before the TV manufacturers introduce so that the TV box continues to be of value.

Here some of what I would like the option to see

Ip cams continuously displayed on TV if required so instead of watching TV I could be keeping an eye on whats going on outside

Access to any IFTTT items as is currently possible on smart phones

Video calling via TV

Mirror casting

Bluetooth output for connection to headphones

Various combinations of the above are available on new TVs usually depending on the price paid so it would be great to buy a TV because it has a great screen rather than for the functionality of extras - maybe one day "dumb" TV screens can be sold  like computer monitors but not as expensive as those with all smart functionality coming from the BT TV box.


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