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There's a reason chrome doesnt support silverlight

Its awful, quite simply. One would assume that a telecoms company would know better but apparently not. I had a friend over to watch a match the other day and he asked if I was streaming it illegally as the quality was low, it would jump forward a minute or so then wait for the audio to catch up before resuming, I had to log in and out several times to even get it started. Please BT consider any alternative, microsoft even aknowledge that it isnt their finest product. You would be doing the community as a whole a great service by switching to any other player. Literally any other player


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Re: There's a reason chrome doesnt support silverlight

Welcome to the forum. Whatever the cause of your poor quality picture, it's definitely not Silverlight. BT Sport online has used Flash Player since the beginning of the current football season - see if your version needs updating.


That said, some people (me included) have had problems with juddering online since the switch. The BT Sport mobile app in conjunction with Chromecast gives me a far better experience, well worth the one-off £30 cost.

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