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Tv Listings/Guide?

with it being a matter of weeks away surely we should have some sort of idea of what's going to be on at launch with some sort if TV guide/listings page?
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Re: Tv Listings/Guide?

Don't see why, I can't remember listings being made that far in advance for the launch of any other channels.

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Re: Tv Listings/Guide?

That silly how can there be tv listing the football fixter have not be relest yet and i sure some other sports fixter have not been conforim.

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Re: Tv Listings/Guide?

Football fixtures will be released on 19th June and therefore no listings can be put out until Sky and BT sort out the games they are going to show

iechyd da

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Re: Tv Listings/Guide?

The Aviva Premiership fixtures haven't been announced either, so they won't be able to say which games they'll broadcast from that, and I would guess the Top14 would be the same...

You *can* probably pencil in the dates for the JP Morgan Premiership 7s and the World Club 7s as being shown, as the dates are fixed and BT have said they're covering them...
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Re: Tv Listings/Guide?


Saturday, August 3, kick off 12.45pm,  Liverpool v Olympiacos  (Gerrard's testimonial match) 


has been announced