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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Very disappointing BT - pretty poor show. 😡

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

As I was on the phone to BT cancelling my BT Sport package, I found out that I was on an 18 month contract which I totally had forgotten about.

Had no choice but to keep it.

Now this is where it got interesting. The advisor had said to me the fact UFC 239 has been placed on BT Box Office was NOT BT’s decision but was UFC’s decision. The woman had said to me they have to abide by how UFC tells them to broadcast.

I smell bull***.

I asked the advisor, “If BT Sport already have the viewing rights to broadcast UFC events within the UK, that means BT have already paid UFC for those rights”. I then went on to ask her, “who will benefit from the proceedings of this Box Office event, will it be BT?” She then replied, “no”, and she quickly changed to, “BT will get some of the proceedings but not all”.

It’s absolutely disgusting how the sports broadcasting industry is rolling. I find it SO HARD to believe that this was not BT’s decision and they had been instructed to place 239 on Box Office, SO HARD.

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

What isn't known are the exact details of the contract. I would think that it's highly unlikely that BT could move some broadcasts to solely PPV without the full agreement of UFC, or maybe UFC stipulated it as part of the agreement. Who knows, it could have been agreed as part of the negotiating over the rights, but as there are only two parties involved UFC must be at least 50% culpable.

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

As @Andy005 states we will never know the full details of the contract. My reading of articles though indicates that the contract involved the "option" to place fights on Box Office.

So as I see it it was BT decision to place these fights behind a second paywall.


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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Nah @XXIX_Problems, you're right. It's already been confirmed by Dave Shaw anyway (Senior Vice President of UFC content) that it's a BT Sport decision, I was pretty sure this was the case before I even heard him say this because I know from previous deals like this (broadcasting rights etc..) that the deals are usually set to the provider in whatever demographic and they decide how to distribute it or make money from it, this is another reason also why they buy the rights (it's a little like how Disney by the rights to The Simpsons recently meaning they can use their likeness to make money as well).

UFC need a platform in every country they want to broadcast in and the only one they can concentrate on the most is probably the US however even with that it's possibly just a deal with ESPN who have agreed the PPV model (for them) is the way to go, as long as it's successful for the UFC and brings them fans and profits, this is all that matters because they really make their money at events and through merchandise too.

Dave Shaw has already said the following, which I believe completely.

"Fight fans in the UK and Ireland have all been asking themselves the same question since BT Sport’s unpopular announcement: How many pay-per-view events will be on box office?

That figure, according to Shaw, will be entirely down to BT Sport. "Ultimately this is going to come down to how BT wants to pursue this right that they've got," he said."

"Dave Shaw has revealed the number of PPV events on box office will be down to BT Sport"

It's a pure BT Sport decision and I doubt the UFC were even aware of this in the first place, BT Sport can and are entitled to put their events on Box Office if they like and if they feel it'll make them money to do so also and this is really what it is, them testing the waters with it etc...

Honestly @XXIX_Problems, of course we don't know the exact details but I'd be very surprised if this wasn't the case, I've heard of this from previous things in the past, I forget what but it's not uncommon and usually the way these deals are made.

If you watched the Dana White video when he announced BT Sport were getting it back, he was just so happy that his product was reaching so many people easily and getting out there to people in the UK (as were we) so I really do feel this is a pure BT Sport decision, they're just testing the waters with this but they're probably not gonna tell you that. They don't have to put it on Box Office, they're just doing it because they want to.

I reckon anyway, of course, I could be completely wrong but I don't doubt what Dave Shaw has said and I thought this before hand anyway, he just confirmed what I thought it was initially anyway when I read the article.

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Well it’s absolutely disgusting. 

How they can just bare face lie to their customers just proves they will money and profit chase under any circumstances. I wouldn’t mind if they told the truth and said they wanted to place this event on Box Office as it’s a big card, which in their case will increase revenue on top of what they earn from subscriber numbers and advertising etc, even though it’s pure greed. 

But lying to customer’s is not something I tolerate lightly to be honest. Absolutely disgraceful. 

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Well that's something I guess they do @XXIX_Problems but I hear you on that.

It's more frustrating for me in the fact that the platform I subscribe to BT Sport on they won't even update or give us access to the Box Office channel, so even if I wanted to purchase the event I can't because they've taken off me completely in the event of greed to make more money.

I'm a HUGE UFC fan too so this has really upset me, they promised me (and many other subscribers which you can find all over Twitter saying this) that they would never put UFC on their Box Office channel which made a lot of people happy and also made people sign back up into contracts with BT Sport under this (which by the way if they told you this too you have a clause to get out of your contract as I've seen a few do it).

They've done a terrible job with distributing this Box Office channel also, they really shouldn't have launched it until they covered all bases which will also be another thing when/if they complain about lack of buys (make it available and maybe more people will!!).

It's just terrible all round is this whole thing, there's a video on Youtube of some Irish guys talking about it (which Conor McGregor has supported their podcast) and they really nail it, along with a petition I've seen which fans are signing alongside the video but yeah, it's just terrible all round.

They've completely mislead people, they've broken promises, they've taken advantage of fans for greed and they've even taken it away completely for their subscribers on various other platforms just so they can push it and see how much money they can make from the fans/subscribers for something they promised they wouldn't do and expect to be bought at 3 am in the morning also, it's ridiculous.

The only way they'll learn is if they lose a ton of money over this and a load of subscribers in the meantime cause if fans cave and buy into it (which is what they expect), they'll just do it again without caring as they'll have "Won" so to speak. So it really is a case of that I reckon but it's terrible.

They've completely ignored all the backlash they've had and it's impossible for them to not see it because it's been literally thousands all over social media and in their email complaints (as well as of course the one's here also), it's all over and quite an outrage.

I guess we'll just have to see if they give us the PPV numbers but I honestly don't think they will and if they do they'll no doubt exaggerate it anyway so we'll never know.

It's all about the money at the end of the day, not the fans (as they promised and made out). They're not too big to fall and trust me they will, it might be a slow burner but if this is the way they're going they absolutely will fall somewhere along the line. It happens to ALL companies who get greedy, stab their customers in the back, think that they're too big to fall etc... they ALL do, if you notice all the good successful long term companies here are usually the one's who treat their customers fantastically well and even the biggest companies eventually fall soon as they stop treating customers fairly and start being greedy such as AOL for example who went down when they were bought out and customers became incredibly unhappy, they all do eventually and BT Sport will be no different, I guarantee. 


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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

I'm going to cancel.

Couldn't give a toss about football etc and MotoGP have their own digital platform.


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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Honestly @DucatiPete I think they underestimated how many people are subscribing to them specifically for UFC and just how many of these fans are also keeping their network going and supporting it which was working for them perfectly fine, in fact fantastically well, they way it was before until they decided to pull this one on us.

I didn't realise myself but seeing around social media it's clear just how many people are subscribing specifically for UFC which I thought was great (as it shows how much the sport has grown here, even if it is still relativity new and growing) but also if that whole audience, or a huge part of it cancel BT Sport over this they're going to take a really big hit.

And the thing is, UFC seems to be the biggest selling point for them which they have above Sky Sports and possibly the only thing (give and take the boxing I guess and possibly football to some degree?) but my point is UFC seemed the strongest and was bringing in a huge support for them to keep them going yet they do this to their biggest (or one of) demographic of supporters, it's pretty stupid really when you think about it as these are the one's keeping BT Sport highly in business hence why I say it'll be a huge hit if all these people are cancelling their subscriptions (which I'm seeing loads of).

I guess they've got the WWE coming now from early next year which will be another big selling point for them over Sky (the WWE fans are hardcore) but still, the UFC fans are what really supported them the most and the fact they're doing this isn't great really.

I guess we'll have to see how it goes for them but if they continue to do this and start putting more of these events on PPV then I can't see it working out for them.

UFC was technically an internet sport which grew with the internet so most fans have no problem with finding alternative ways to get their UFC fix outside of BT Sport. I'm quite surprised some clown thought this was a good idea to do this cause clearly it's not worked or got a huge backlash to say the least.

They need to rectify this sooner rather than later otherwise they are going to get stung by this, at least at some point as I can't see this working out for them long term.
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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Companies, whether it's UFC or a TV company such as BT Sport make TONS of money from sponsorship's who pay a lot of money because they have a huge platform to advertise to.

They also make **bleep** loads at events, constantly through merchandise at events and online stores, licencing, they're not short of a bob or two and they make tons from fans when they do this because they know they can and they know fans will cave and buy into it, some even defending them for it.

The PPV model is outdated and should be for bars and pubs only. 

They don't need to sting or overcharge fans. If anything they should make it easier and more affordable for fans because they're what's keeping the product going.