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UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

That's my TV service cancellation sealed, certainly after the price increase e-mail sent earlier in the week.


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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Do you know if it's just 239 or all future big cards?

Either way it's a **bleep** take to charge for that. It won't start till 3 or 4 AM.

There's plenty of places to watch for free on the internet.

I may well follow you out of the door - BT appear to like charging premium prices for a budget service.

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

No they have the next two fight nights on normal BT Sport and then Jones/Santos is box office. Its clearly testing the water this time so hopefully if the backlash is strong enough and the numbers are low enough they might reconsider.

Pure greed on BTs behalf I'll be cancelling and encouraging my mates who watch to do the same. We already pay a hefty sum per month(£30) and seeing Fury fighting nobodies(£20) next weekend and UFC cards now on PPV(£20) makes it just too much cost to watch sport.

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

The only reason I pay for BT sport is for the UFC. If this happens for the biggest card if the year I’ll be cancelling

i could easily watch this on line and not be a loyal customer but guess what, BT couldn’t careless. 

Disgusting decision from a company that is going in the wrong direction

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Having the next few Fight nights as normal doesn't answer if PPV will now be the norm for the "Numbered" events.

I had a look 'round the inter webs this morning and last night's main card was available in HD quality for free, in the words of DC - "get your **bleep** together" BT

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Wow, I've just seen this thread after I replied to one I wrote a while back (OP is quite lengthy in text but I was told to go into depth with it when asked to post on the forum), anyway this has absolutely caused a lot of upset as shown here. 

Look at some of the comments on here too:

There's so much upset in so many ways, many feel like they were mislead renewing their BT Sport subscription under the impression they would get this as part of it after the Eleven Sports deal fell through, some are on certain platforms which they subscribe to BT Sport with but can't get access to the Box Office channel so they don't even cater for all their customers the opportunity, it's just a real nightmare.

I think the guys in the second link nail it as maybe the odd one on Box Office would be fine if it was at a reasonable time but they don't even have the Box Office on so many platforms such as PS4, Now TV, Plusnet/Youview platform, there's a few others that come to mind so they're basically taking it away from people but making it harder for them to watch and charging them money also to do so at early hours expecting people to sit and watch on phones or buy Chromecasts etc.. which isn't always easy for people to do either (see my other post as to why as I get tired of explaining it) but they can't put out a product and then not make it available for everyone, even some of their BT Sport subscribers can't get access to this unless they are through the Virgin, Sky or BT platform, it's just completely unfair.

If they're going to do this at least do it right and cater for all also, people feel how they feel about it for their own various reasons which is absolutely valid, I can completely understand people's upset in regards to this, specially after they promised they wouldn't do this. 

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

Is this why the press conference for ufc 242 khabib vs Poirier is SO early and in London?

I bet the MSG card will be on PPV too.


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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

GDoes anyone from BT actually read any of the feedback on this forum?

Following on from this topic. I've just been on the phone to BT and have been told they have no responsibility over the content shown on BT Sport(?!?) and that any individual product shown on BT Box Office is down to the individual promoter??

Additional to that if I decided to withdraw from my contract I'd be breaching terms and conditions! This is despite BT having in my and many other customers eyes already breached the terms of the contract by failing to deliver on the promise of exclusive UFC rights. Pay per view wasn't ever part of the deal announced at the start of the year !

Find it impossible to believe that when BT execs and UFC execs sit down at the start of the year to discuss rights deal that pay per view wouldnt be mentioned.

Only response I ever got was "We couldn't comment". 

Cop out really and I'm taking it further. Complaint hasn't been resolved and seeking citizen advice and ombudsman with help of my partner who works in that field. I encourage any other customers to do same.

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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

It's a farce.  I called them to cancel when they lost the rights the eleven.  When they won them back, I called them to reinstate - no mention of the move to PPV. 

Like most it seems, I only have BT sport for UFC and only have BT internet for the reduced subscription cost.  If they are moving to a PPV model (it appears they have picked up the exact same deal eleven had struck?) there is no point in keeping anything with BT.


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Re: UFC 239 to be shown on BT Sport Box Office

From what I can gather this is a BT Sport decision, basically BT Sport have the rights to broadcast UFC from their US stream (ESPN+) and they decide how, when and where it's distributed, I'm pretty sure this is a BT Sport decision.

How it's distributed and what deals BT Sport give us is down to them, UFC won't go into all that as they get their money from BT Sport for the rights and the growth of the sport with their events getting bigger over here, then BT Sport decide how to make that money back, profit etc. so I'm 99% sure it's them testing the waters. 

This isn't good for the sport because not only is it growing but people are going to not be able to watch the best fighters and the best cards while they do this, so it's hurting the sport specially while it's growing here in the UK.

Alongside that, BT Sport Box Office hasn't been distributed all that well so a lot of people (myself included) can't even access it even if we wanted to pay for this. BT Sport Box Office is missing on various platforms such as the Plusnet/Youview platform a good percentage of their customers subscribe through, there's no PS4 app, no Now TV app, no Xbox app, no Smart TV app, it's only really available on a few platforms and phones which no one's going to want to pay that amount of money to sit and watch on a phone or a laptop, specially when you have friends round and need it on your TV and them telling you to buy Chromecasts is not only a little cheeky it's not beneficial for everyone (I bought one a bit back to try it but it wasn't good for me).

It's going to drive away the hardcore fans too and encourage streaming (I personally couldn't do with this because it's too much hassle and again, I want it on my TV), it's just going to hurt the UFC, it's gonna drive fans away to the streams, it's gonna drive fans away from the sport who won't even bother watching it and it's going to drive away fans from subscribing to BT Sport, it makes no sense. 

UFC are happy enough to keep it the way it is and they're happy enough to grow the sport here as this also benefits them when they come over to do events (where the big money is) and also for their merchandise sales throughout the year through the EU store and also the events too they appear at.

BT (or whoever has the rights) is up to them in regards to how they distribute it, how they charge, what they charge, how they put their packages together etc. and this is also why they make their money up with adverts and sponsorship's, I'm 99% sure this is a BT thing with them testing the waters to see how it goes because if you remember when Dana did the update video in regards to BT Sport after the Eleven Sports (thankfully) fell through, he was very happy we were able to get the content and deliver it to us so it wasn't restricted, so I really do feel that despite what they tell you, this really is purely a BT Sport thing and decision to do so.

Of course I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is the case, they're just trying to see what they can get away with with their new Box Office channel since they launched in September with the Canelo vs GGG fight and then the Wilder vs Fury fight in December which I believe was the first big PPV on their Box Office channel. 

They're just testing the waters from what I can gather to see how much they can make off this I reckon and that's all it is, if people buy it they'll do it more often, if they don't, they won't, it's that simple really. All depends on how many people actually buy it.

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