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Unable to transfer BT Sport subscription to new Sky card

BT in breach of contract, still insisting I give 30 days notice 😮

At the beginning of July I moved house and my sky package changed at the same time which resulted in me needing to swap my BT Sport account to a new sky card.
However here started my problems.
I went online and tried to swap it but the new sky card number was not recognised by BT. After a few days of continued attempts (I just thought maybe I just had to wait for the services to realign or address changes to catch up) I contacted BT SPort.

I was told "yes sir we can sort that out right now". Soon followed by "Oh sorry sir the number isn't recognised on our system, it must be a problem at Sky's end". So i contacted them and they did their checks. Sky card number working fine and registered. I was receiving the services other than BT Sport.

I went back to BT, same response. I went back to Sky who checked again and even did something to re-pair the card so BT will get data again. Still didn't resolve it.

My problem was escalated to higher tier technical support. They said it was because my new address hadn't been updated. Despite doing it online. I gave them my new address again but still didn't resolve the problem. I called again and was told to give it a few more days to wait for address to match up. It didn't help. I contacted them again. They couldn't Explain why and said they cannot resolve it.

So Finally after several days of effort (time wasted trying to resolve) and paying for a service I couldn't actually receive I decided I couldn't be bothered anymore.

I am out of my min term so I called BTs cancellation team. I explained the circumstances. He noticed that my address was still showing as my old one!!! I explained that i had changed it online and my new address showed on my account online. I also explained that my address had been changed on at least two phone calls by his colleagues and their technical support couldn't resolve the issue.

So they cancelled my subscription only to at the end of the call state "you have to give 30 days notice". I argued that why should I have to pay for a service they cannot provide me. But they insisted. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told "there is no point, they will only say the same". I argued but they wouldn't budge. So they had denied me the right to escalate it.

I have since submitted a formal complaint online asking to escalate the complaint and after a couple of weeks I have had no reply. My technical complaint has since been closed. They stated "we want to close it because we cannot resolve it".

It is my belief that BT Sport have breach the contract and it even states in the terms and conditions clause 13 c "You can cancel at any time if we break a significant term of the agreement. In this case you won't have to pay a fee for leaving early". Surely not being able to resolve the issue and provide me the service is covered by "break a significant term of the agreement".

I have just lodged a complaint with the Omsbudman to see if they can help.

The service is absolutely disgusting.
I didn't even want to leave BT Sport in the first place and to be treated like this is disgraceful 😡
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Re: Unable to transfer BT Sport subscription to new Sky card

Hi @mark_collacott


Thanks for your post and welcome back!


Sorry you've had so many problems getting BT Sport working since moving house.  I appreciate the amount of your time you've spent trying to sort this out.


The community isn't going to be able to help with this so if you still need a hand I'd like to help.  I notice that you've mentioned that you didn't really want to cancel BT Sport.  I'm confident that I can get things aligned correctly so that you can watch BT Sport again.


Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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Re: Unable to transfer BT Sport subscription to new Sky card


Did this ever get resolved as I am having exactly the same problem right now?

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Re: Unable to transfer BT Sport subscription to new Sky card

Hi @GLT2002,

I'm sorry you're having problems transferring your BT Sport subscription to your new Sky Card.

I'll be able to help you with this. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.



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