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Upgrade to BT Sport Pack



I am trying to upgrade my BT Lite to BT Sport pack for SKY TV.


The website tells me I can upgrade for £5 a month(I am a BT broadband customer).


Underneath this offer on the website, there is a nice shiny yellow button thats says, UPGRADE. I click this big old button and It takes me to a page that says I need to renew my BT Infinity contract.  That's fine by me. I click next and I get a run down of what I am ordering. 

It doesnt show I am upgrading my BT Lite to BT sports pack.  Every click next page shows a rundown, with a total of £0 to pay for BT Lite. 


So I continue, go through all the pages. And I get to the place order page. 

I assume this was all to renew my broadband contract.  Which again, is fine. But still.....


I would like to upgrade to BT Sports pack.  And there does not seem to be a way of doing so online. 


The website seems to be claiming I can. That big old shiny yellow button suggests so. But all i get is sent to a page where I can renew my Broadband contract. 


If you're still here after theis long and probably boring story, thank you. 


My question is, can I Upgrade to BT sport Pack online? The website claims to, but does not.


I know I can phone, but I am not at home during the opening hours. 


Cheers in advance. 

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Re: Upgrade to BT Sport Pack

Hi @dean81


Thanks for your post and welcome back!


Sorry for the problems you've been having upgrading BT Sport Lite to the BT Sport pack and placing the order on our website.  Have you managed to get this sorted out since posting?


If you're still having problems post back and we'll give you a hand from here.





Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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