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accidental download - not possible to reverse


On Wed 28th I wanted to download the latest series of "fear the walking dead".  It wasn't available, but I accidently downloaded the HD version of an earlier series I already had from BT in the SD format.  I now have both the HD and SD version of the same boxset.

BT must be able to see that I haven't watched the boxset but after a number of interactions with their helpline it seems it is not possible for me to get the order cancelled and I will be charged the £28 for the series on my next bill.

I'm thinking this is no different to returning an unwatched DVD to HMV, and it feels ridiculous that it is not possible for me to not be charged, or to receive a refund, for something I haven't used and I'm happy to return.

Has anyone on the forum had experience of this and if they had was it possible to get a resolution?


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