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BT TV Integration with Android TV

Hi All,

I've got the VIP TV package with NOW Sports, Entertainment and Cinema membership and have always just had my DTR-T4000/500GB YouView box plugged into the TV directly.

I have just bought a new Philips Android TV (48OLED806) and during the setup, it wants to find my channels. I'm assuming that by connecting the YouView box from the 'Aerial Out' to the 'Aerial In' on my new TV, it will scan and find the Freeview channels.

I'm wondering if it's going to be possible to get everything into one place and have a similar EPG to what I have on the YouView box but within the Android TV interface? So, not just the Freeview stuff, but BT Sport, Sky Sports, Sky Movies etc...

I'm able to add a hard drive to the TV in order to record, so if there's any way to bring every channel from my BT subscription in and effectively do away with the YouView box, that will certainly help by cutting out the need for switching inputs and remotes.

Basically, are there any Android apps that are able to integrate with my full BT TV subscription?

Many thanks,

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Re: BT TV Integration with Android TV

No. That's why the Youview box is provided. Your TV will be running the Freeview software which is a different eco-system.

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Re: BT TV Integration with Android TV

I'm using a Sony TV with Android. You can install BT Sport app and Now TV app on it and watch them via the TV interface as well as the BT Pro box.

The BT Sport android app is quite good, lets you easily go back to watch missed goals in the football and then jump to live etc.
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Re: BT TV Integration with Android TV

Great stuff. Thanks for that.

The Now TV app wasn't available in the Google Play Store for me. But I was able to sideload the APK and it works well. I'll give the BT Sport app a shot as well. Android TV is able to do more than just freeview, so I'm going to keep playing around and see what's good. 

I'm now able to watch my Now TV subs via the app and it sounds like the BT Sport app is a win too, so I'm a few steps closer to doing away with the BT box.

I haven't had much of a chance to dig into it, but the 'Channels' app sounds like it might work. Depends on whether I'm able to connect BT to it and what channels will show as available. But, it apparently works with any provider that you can log in to:

I'll report back if that works, as it's a whole DVR solution and EPG.

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