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BT 'conned' me into getting a new box with a load of untruths

My old box lost the ability to show the old terrestrial channels  and loads of other. Engineer came out, and tries a new lead from the aerial socket still channels wont load. After a chat he led me to believe the new pro2 box was my salvation as I can get all these missing channels without an aerial. New box is installed set up by new engineer but when we set the timer to record the soaps on two channels at same time  we found we couldn't watch anything else at the same time. Spoke to one of the chat bots who put me through to a human being after a while. This chap fed me a load of baloney about testing the box , my signal etc, but did not answer the problem. He said things I didn't understand and things that were not made clear when I signed up for the box. The old box allowed me to watch something else while recording. Why the backward step????? Is there any answer to my problem or am I stuck  not being able to watch something while recording two channels at same time.

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Re: BT 'conned' me into getting a new box with a load of untruths

When in IP mode, the Pro box is currently limited to 2 simultaneous streams. So if you're recording 2 channels, you then cannot watch a 3rd. This is expected to be improved in the future, but there's currently no date on that.
If in aerial mode, you have access to 4 simultaneous streams.

Without a TV aerial there wasn't really any other option was there?
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Re: BT 'conned' me into getting a new box with a load of untruths

Have you tried plugging the aerial directly into the TV? If that doesn't work either you need an aerial installer to resolve the issue of the missing signal.

Always assuming there's no issue with the local transmitter:

Note that if you're in a weak signal area, atmospherics caused by the current weather could be an issue if this only started this week:

Although that doesn't generally cause an entire loss of all channels, more interference & breakups.

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Re: BT 'conned' me into getting a new box with a load of untruths

Hi @Lilbri 

 I would certainly try your aerial connection directly into your TV  as @rbz5416  suggested to see if  the Tv  when tuned can pick up channels.

you mention you like to record two soaps  at the same time. Is one Eastenders,  Eastenders episode s originally broadcast during the week on BBC 1 are typically also broadcast on BBC 3  on Saturday/Sunday. So there is the potential to record the episodes at a different time. also BBC IPlayer provides excellent quality on demand replays  so perhaps you don’t need to record it  but can simply watch it at your leisure on the IPlayer.  The backward EPG guide provides a direct link to the episode or alternatively you can open the IPlayer app on the BT box and find the episode on there. (There are I think currently 302 episodes of Eastenders on IPlayer).

Soaps on other channels eg Emmerdale and Coronation Street are also available on catch up player eg ITV X but currently on the BT TV box only at SD  quality rather than the HD quality you get from your itv hd channel so probably best to continue to record those.

If you want or need to continue to record two channels at the same time you do have the option to watch content from the range of  Apps on the BT TV Box at the same time.  For example the BBC IPlayer in addition to  a lot of on demand content  does provide the option to watch any of the BBC channels live.

The ITV X player was expected to offer similar live viewing of its channels and FAST channels but has yet to introduce this on the app on the BT TV Pro box app,

The Discovery+ App on the BT TV Box Pro  should similarly allow you watch the live Discovery family of channels that are included within your BT TV package as well as a lot of ondemand content.