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iptv igmp snooping on managed switch

if I connect my home hub to a switch rather direct to the  ethernet port I lose my IPTV if I enable IGMP snooping, it does not bring it back. There is a separate wireless access point in the ethernet part of the network. Which in AP mode does not appear to have a toggle to enable igmp snooping I have been, assuming it works as an unmanaged switch (the access point is a net gear, WaX204 which I'm using instead of the Home hub because it supports multiple sssids and wpa3 this, which I am using is a managed netgear I'm wondering if I need to put the wireless access point on its own vlan? Any other suggestions, coincidentally I was having difficulty setting up multicast on an opnsense firewall I'm starting to think this was the original reason I could not get it working. Any help gratefully receivedTIA,






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