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Accessing webinterface on Yale Smart Living Hub (port 80)

Good evening,

I've recently bought two Yale Doorman lock-systems for my house (like these: . I've installed two matching Yale-modules to communicate with my Yale Smart Living Hub (like this one: ) .

It's all working perfectly fine and communicating with the corresponding App "Yale Home".

The Smart Living Hub are connected to my router to provide acces to the internet - and off course the hub is equipped with an IP assigned by the build in DHCP-server in my router.

Now to the question; when accessing the assigned IP-address of the hub in a webbrowser (e.g. on port 80 I'm met with a prompt asking for a username and password.

I have absolutely no idea what the user and password might be and I can't seem to find anything in the documentation for the hub about the web-interface. If the prompt about the user and password is closed I'm met with several choices in a horizontal menu-system (typical web-layout). See the screenshot in the bottom of the post.

I'm very curious about the web-interface and how to access it. Does anyone in the forum know which credentials to use?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Christian, Denmark

Screenshot, Yale Hub webinterface:

Yale Hub web-interface.PNG




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Accessing webinterface on Yale Smart Living Hub (port 80)

This is a UK BT retail forum and has absolutely no relevance to your question. I suggest you post on a Yale forum.