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Address listed under wrong Exchange (40km away)

Hi all, looking for some help if possible.

I am not currently a customer but would like to be if I can get this issue sorted.

My grandma and I are due to to move into a properly September 1st and she asked me to set up broadband so it was ready for when we moved in

I came to look at what speeds we could expect and look at packages to get prices, however this site listed the Address as only being able to get a speed between 2-5Mb/s

After further research I've discovered that this property is listed under the wrong exchange. Due to the address being on an Island the wrong exchange its under is over 40km away.

I think I see why this error has occurred. The address has the name of the wrong address listed on the second line of it. There's also another problem with the actual address being held here and on Royal mail being slightly wrong. 

I know this as I used Geoplace's Address Locator to get the correct address as well as the UPRN. I then did a UPRN search on the btwholesale availability checker and it listed the correct exchange including FTTC connections being in the area and overall faster speeds. When I did a search using the address held by Royal mail and being used in the BT search it showed the address as having no FTTC at all and speeds below 5Mb/s

I know normally an ORDI request is required to update address information but I haven't being able to find any examples of this situation so not sure what the process would be.

Every other property in the area is able to get FTTC service and is under the same exchange that's closest. So I can't see it being correct that this address is listed under an Exchange 40km away

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Re: Address listed under wrong Exchange (40km away)


Until you get a phone line installed, there is no way to tell, as Openreach would not have determined the route until then.

If you decide to place an order with BT Retail, then this forum may be able to give you more advice.