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BT Connection Point

I have recently moved into a private rented studio apartment and have been trying to get my WiFi sorted for a while now. The last time an openreach engineer came round he said that he needed to access some internal distribution point but I had no idea what this was. I've asked the letting agents to ask my landlady where this is in the building and they've told me that there isn't one in here because the building is an old building. The previous tenant definitely had WiFi in here and there is an existing line. I've been sent out a router and I've tried plugging this in before the engineer comes round again but it's not working. As far as I know there was a switch from Sky to BT which is what it is now. Openreach had cancelled my order twice before trying a third time but had to order it in a new line and then it went through. If the engineer comes back round asking about the internal distribution point again, what should I say because I'm sure there's got to be something in here but the letting agents have been really rude to me and don't seem to be willing to tell me at all. Does anyone know how this can be solved? 

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Re: BT Connection Point

Openreach should know where the location of the DP is, it will be on their records. Nobody here will be able to help as it is unique to your property and in any case this is a BT retail forum with no connection to Openreach.

You could try tracing the route of any cables.