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BT - Inefficient and, dare I say, incompetent?

BT’s website states: “In business, you expect fast, reliable service from the people you work with. Keeping promises builds trusted and productive working relationships.”

Well, my experience is that BT’s service has been neither fast nor reliable. Repeated promises are often not met. Different staff members give differing information, much of which proves to be inaccurate. I shall not repeat the history of my recent order, and the resultant catalogue of failures on BTs part, on the assumption that this is well documented both in the written complaints previously made to BT, and in the records held on BT’s system. After a month’s delay, and numerous ‘phone calls on my part, my original order for fibre broadband has finally been completed. For some inexplicable reason, however, I now have two business routers. Other poor experience has included unnecessarily returning equipment to a retail store, on BT’s instructions, wasting my time and, doubtless, BT’s money.

I am surprised. If I were in a senior management role in the Company I would be concerned by BT’s poor performance. If my experience is typical, or regularly repeated, the adverse effect on the company’s bottom line must be substantial.

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Re: BT - Inefficient and, dare I say, incompetent?

this forum is for BT Residential customer  you would better posting on business forum where others can see

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