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BT National Strike

Thousands of BT employees are ramping up plans for a national strike for the first time in nearly 30 years as Britain faces a wave of industrial unrest this winter. 

It is understood that 45,000 workers canvassed across BT and its Openreach and EE arms are largely in favour of a formal vote on industrial action early next year. 

The row at BT centres on chief executive Philip Jansen's attempts to overhaul the company and modernise its infrastructure, cutting 13,000 jobs and shuttering offices in a bid to find £2billion in cost savings each year.

How will this affect the BT customer?

Will installation/repairs dates be affected?




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Re: BT National Strike

Given the point of strikes, ie withdrawal of labour to prevent the company from functioning as normal do you not think it would be reasonable to expect a national strike by a company to affect the customers in all aspects of the companies business!

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Re: BT National Strike

The Daily Mail, aka The Daily Hate, aka The Daily Racist, aka The Daily Don’t Think for Yourself We’ll do it for You are wrong but then you couldn’t expect a paper that was pro Nationalist Socialist during the 1930’s to get much right when it comes to reporting facts.

What the CWU are actually Balloting for is to see how many of its BT Group Members Supports a Campaign they want to start to renegotiate the Terms and Conditions the BT Group are implementing without Consultation with the CWU.