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BT/Openreach - appalling service

I cannot believe how this company gets away with what they do. I have had problems for 14 months and I am now going to see a solicitor.

I have had 11 Openreach engineers out to this property who have all done checks. The 10th engineer seemed to have resolved my line fault BUT when he left I could not make any phone calls despite having talk anytime. I had to contact INDIA again and the 11th engineer came out last friday. He said the fault was with the extension (which the builders fitted as it is a new house) Not one of the previous engineers found a problem in my property, always the green box or exchange, so where did it come from? We have never touched the BT faceplate and never used the extension as the socket is in our sons room. I have now been told a charge of £99 will be added to my next bill, really I am being charged for a fault only the engineer could have made.  Could it be that I had put in a complaint for compensation because BT had been taking full line rental from me for a faulty line? I think so and I think because of the amount of engineers who have been here, they have now decide to blame me for this fault. They just waltz in your property (not all of them) and some are rude. My carpet is in a mess where the furniture has been moved so many times to allow them access.

Basically, BT have had over £540 out of my bank for a faulty line and are now going to charge me a further £99 for faults created by Openreach.

I think not and I really do hope they take me to court. I have printed every fault sheet off fault checker and none of them shows a fault to my property. I have cancelled my direct debit and am changing banks today, so they can no longer access my account. Good job my contract has ended with them. I am a 52 year old lady with spina bifida occulta and live 256 miles from my family, so a phone is important. It does not matter if you are old or young, fit or disabled, they have no respect for the people who pay their wages. They are a disgrace of a company.

All of you out there who want to complain, it will cause you so much stress along the way but they need to be stopped. I have made several complaints and been given numbers but the only person to contact me is one of the moderators and a manager from India. This issue is not going to get resolved and as I didn't cut my own phone off, I don't see why I should pay for it.

I have contacted the ombudsman, wrote to County Durham weeks ago (no reply) will be taking it to the ombudsman after I seek legal advice and am finding myself a provider who cares about their customers and the majority of them do. Seems to me, 90 per cent of their customers are having issues. I have also sent e-mails to 2 TV shows.

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Re: BT/Openreach - appalling service

Sorry for mistake - I have contacted Ofcom and will be contacting the ombudsman but have been told by Ofcom I have to wait 8 weeks for a reply. That's about right!
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Re: BT/Openreach - appalling service

Request a deadlock letter from BT over the fault.

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Re: BT/Openreach - appalling service

Well, well, well. Finally got a call from someone concerning this matter. Good old BT have offered me 2 months free line rental. (13.90).
If find this an absolute insult after paying in full, for 14 months. Especially as they are 'roping' people in on their recent TV advert. A package - with the first 6 months free. Be warned people reading this, do not be fooled by this company, once you have a contract and things go wrong (which they probably will) 1. You will be charged if you try to leave them 2. The engineers are a nightmare if you report a fault and you cannot complain directly to Openreach 3. You will rarely get to speak to anyone in the UK unless it involves money, and talking to the call centers is a feat in itself. 4 Basically, you will be passed from pillar to post without anyone giving a **bleep**.
Please think about it, there are brilliant ISP out there who really care about their cutomers. This company is definately not one of them. Save yourself the stress.
I no longer have a contract and have just found a much better deal than I have with BT and am contacting them today. My complaint with BT still stands though and I will still be contacting the ombudsman and whoever necessary to do something about their treatment of people and faulty services they gladly take your money for. STEER CLEAR!
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Re: BT/Openreach - appalling service

Sorry, that should be £31.90 in the previous post.