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BT Poor speeds

I'm curious to know what BT's future intentions are in relation to internet speeds. BT infrastructure is massively lagging behind competitors with many of the others download speeds of 500Meg to 1Gig, Its falling behind the rest of Europe in fact its lagging behind many other countries in the world. Not only that with the recent announcement of role-out of 5G across mobile networks even wireless communication is set to best BT on Broadband speed soon. So BT you've been rolling out Fibre yet with modern technology your still behind, and your offering your services to other vendors so the best they can offer is something slightly slower than yourselves. What's the major issue, why are you struggling to be a competitive communications giant? price wise you aren't?
I'm fearful of what your going to achieve many people what UHD streaming TV now which for many on your top tier broadband they are struggling to achieve that basic facility. I appreciate that this isn't just some forum mods ability to respond this requires the powers to be in BT giving a rational response. Have you just been skimping on equipment BT, is the share holder the bigger priority that your customer base? If you continue to ignore the poor speeds your offering its not going to be long before your going to lose out a significant amount of business if 5G is succesful. Vodafone are currently selling a contract that is 5G based unlimited Data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes *Edit*. The reason people go hardwired is for reliability, the massive improvement in speed and cost. Well reliability is could be an  issue for some but the cost and speed has you beat.