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BT Shop avoids Sale of Goods Act (repeat)


I would appreciate some advice on the issue that was raised here over two years ago, i.e. that BT shop avoid taking responsibility for accepting items within warranty, "gently" steering me away, back to manufacturer. One of my two hard drives bought from the bt shop just short of a year ago has failed and I can't see _any_ way to contact BT shop and request RMA. The link provided by the moderator in 2015 (general query) is dead, and I can't find _any_ other way to contact them under "Help & Support". Or anywhere else, including when I'm logged in to my account. I do not want to call them, because, in my experience, it will be a waste of time and money, and at some point, when they try to get rid of me, the connection will go dead (plus, I have no record of the conversations). Can anyone suggest how to contact them and, what action to take if they REFUSE to issue the RMA?


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Re: BT Shop avoids Sale of Goods Act (repeat)

Welcome to the forum. The Sale of Goods Act was superseded on 1 October 2015 by the Consumer Rights Act. That places responsibility for defective goods on the retailer for six months after purchase, during which time the onus is on the retailer to prove that the goods were not defective at the time of sale. After six months, the onus falls on the purchaser to prove that the goods were defective when purchased. That's usually very difficult, especially when the goods have been in use, so you have to rely on the manufacturer's warranty.


You can easily get an account of your rights by googling the CRA, but it seems to me that the BT Shop's responsibility has expired and that you need to claim under the warranty. How you do that should be explained in the warranty. 

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