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BT has the worst customer service imaginable

I highly urge anyone considering broadband or telephone provders to steer clear of BT.  The sheer amount of headache that their customer service causes is unimaginable.  I have not had a single thing go smoothly in the time I have been using them and I am in the process of switching to Virgin, regardless of added cost.  The sad thing is that because BT products are so bad, you will invariably HAVE to deal with their customer service to attept to fix the issue. 


When I first move to the UK, they set me up with two accounts "by accident" and delayed the setup of my broadband connection despite having specified that they would "expedite" it.  They set up my accounts with addresses 200 miles from where I was actually located.  Most recently, I moved home.  They "lost" my order to move the connection, so when I had to call (20min to get to a human being) to find out what happened, I had to go through the "home move" process again, during which point they kept trying to sell me stuff I didn't want over and over again (my favourite has to be when they tell me to track my order online even though the order is for an internet connection... idiocy).  Just today, I got an email saying that the connection won't be online until 6 weeks from now due to an unspecified error (that's 2 weeks AFTER I move out of this flat into another flat).  


These are just a few examples of what could go wrong.  I strongly urge anyone reading this to use ANY other provider but BT.  Even on the off chance that you get your connection set up, the connection speeds are wildly misrepresented (by a factor of 20 at least).  Just not worth the hassle and annoyance.

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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Like anyone who has had to deal with BT's helpdesk, I can't disagree that there is room for improvement. It can be very frustrating when things have got off track, but few large companies cover themselves in glory when it comes to putting things right.


I think you've gone a bit over the top in singling out BT, a view which I'm confident will be shared by many of the people who participated in this:

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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Can`t agree that it`s the worst. Maybe goes haywire a few times but the worst? naaaaah. They`ve helped me out okay in the past - using UK based help and not the useless offshore.

But most certainly never the worst, not by miles.


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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Hi, I can only agree.

BT really is the pits. From day one everything went wrong. BT's delivery system failed to work, their preferred system being "Home Delivery" failed to leave a card saying they had tried to deliver. For several days they claimed they had tried to make a delivery, yet not once had they left a calling card or contact number. On contacting BT's customer services department, BT claimed I should contact Home Delivery and get a contact number for their driver so I could leave work to collect my delivery at their convenience, not mine.

On contacting Home Delivery, they refused to give out driver contact numbers saying it wasn't their policy to be helpful in any way.

As A result, I contacted BT customer services to cancel my order. The very next day, by coincidence, I happened to have popped home during lunch to find Home Delivery turn up with my home hub.

On receiving my home hub, I then contacted BT to cancel my cancelled order.

Foolishly I thought everything from then on would run smoothly. Fools the word.

After only being online four days, I find my broadband has been cancelled. After contacting BT I found their left hand didn't apparently know what their right hand was doing.

Apparently, BT departments can't be bothered to talk to each other.


Anyway, after several days of paying BT for a service they weren't providing, I eventually got back online. The Broadband speed they claimed I'd get was all lies, selling me a product claiming *mb, when I'd be lucky to get close to 2mb.


Some time went by when one day looking through my bank statement, I noticed BT had been debiting my account for over £60 a month for a service I only agreed to pay £25.

On contacting BT, their Indian call center apologized and stated they didn't know how this could have happened and that I would be refunded.

I never was, regardless of BT's claims. It never showed up in my bank account or next bill.

When my contract ran out, I contacted BT t inform them I didn't want their service but the sweet talking English customer service rep fooled me into signing up for another years contract.

Guess what, nothing changed, I never received my refund and all I ever got from BT's customer service was more and more BS.

On receiving my last two bills, I was so livid with the amount hey were demanding, I told them that when my contract runs out on the 8 May 2012, I'd be finished with them so don't bother sending me any more bills.

I got in touch with O2 and switched. BT sent me a bill demanding payment for 9 May to 6 Aug, regardless of the fact I'd told them several times over the previous two months I didn't want their service so I ignored their bill in the belief everything would sort itself out.

Yesterday I received a final bill demanding £53.63 for 9 May to 19 May, regardless of the fact O2 took over my service on the 16 May. 

On contacting BT's customer services, They claim I hadn't ended my contract and were demanding a 30 day cancellation fee.


Now I know they are lying, they know they are lying and I'm sure you know they are lying.


All I can say to anyone considering using BT for anything should give it up.


BT can't be trusted, they will lie to you every time they are contacted and basically baffle you with BS.


British Telecom is an absolute disgrace.


Any know who to contact regards being ripped off in respect to the 30 day cancellation fee, as BT customer services are adamant I hadn't contacted them?

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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Hi Pavelgrib,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Reading your post it does sound like you have had a bit of a rough time from joining BT. I would like to take a look at the details of your account to see what had gone wrong. Please could you send me in your details using the the link found in the "about me" section of my profile?






Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Dave - I'd love to know how you got on as I'm about to open a case with Ofcom about simlar issues.


Specifically the lying.  They will tell you 'but sir - why would I lie to you"  only to by lied to yet again!!  No follow ups on problems, no return phone calls, problems still persisiting over 1 year on.



- 7 different phone numbers in 7 days

- Random billing months after I supposedly went over my broadband allowance - there was nothing on the original bills.

- Random usage on broadband - even although router switched off!!

- No notificaion of broadband overuse.

- Phone calls conveniently NOT recorded - therefore my word against BT.

- Notes not made on my account about phone calls and problems - even when specifically requested

- Lies and more lies about changing email addresses

- Not one single letter, from day one, regarding changes to account or confirmation of account set up.

- Automatically taking payment to renew phone package - 12 moth advance payment - without asking or notifying me.  There's no way I would have renewed.

- Mixing 12 and 18 month deals on one package so you can't get out of it without losing money.


That's the tip of the iceberg...




I'm just about to buy myslef out the contract and go elsewhere but I'm not leaving without a fight.  I can't wait ti see what Ofcom say...





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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

the poster has not been back since that post but he has been offered help by the forum mods who would also assist you as well if you if you contact them
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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

It's too late for help!  I've tried to resolve this many times - at least 15 hours on the phone to innumeable 'advisors'...


Couldn't care less now as I'm leaving at long last - and it's a relief!


Without doubt - the worst customer service I've ever had.


My main aim now is to gather evidence of similar experiences form other people and NAIL BT.




And - no your answer was of no use at all - please don't reply unless you've got something more constructive to add.

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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Well now, this poster is writing about the worst ever customer service in their opinion.


IMHO, that is a most dis-courteous reply to a fellow customer I've seen for a long time.


I've been a victim myself of a company like BT, employing thousands of people not being able to talk effectively to one person. I dont like it when it happens [and it happens].


I can see no reason for one person on this forum to speak to another person in the same way.


Bye bye.

"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: BT has the worst customer service imaginable

Hey, it's not just BT that has bad customer service.  Look at some of the people posting on these forums.  They don't even work for BT and their manner towards other people is disgusting too!  The cheek of some people is beyond me.


Every living soul trying to make money every single way they can just to live, what sort of life is this.  Absolutly pathetic! Money is all root to evil and without greed it would be a better place.


I feel sorry for the younger generation I really do all because of greed, selfishness and bad manners!


PS: If you like my post please click solved or thank me for it (this pees me off so much on this BT forum! I wrote it as a joke to the end of my post *laughs*)