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BT trainee engineer

Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I’ve recently applied for the trainee engineer role, it have got three the first few stages and recently got an email back saying that I have passed the video interview but “unfortunately there are currently no vacancies in your area but we will be in touch if more come available” this seems strange as I applied for a role which was advertised as being available in my area. Has anyone else received this email after applying? Also what are the chances of still obtaining a job when and if another vacant comes up? Many thanks, Ryan
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Re: BT trainee engineer

I assume you mean the Openreach Trainee Engineer job. The only ‘BT’ Engineers you’ll find are ones for Technology Service Operations and BT Wholesale.

What area do you live in? I know they’re desperate for new Engineers but only in certain areas. The South of England and North of Scotland are the areas they need people the most.

Scotland because of how rural it is and the South or England because it’s difficult retaining staff because of the relatively low pay for the high cost of living.
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Re: BT trainee engineer

Yeah sorry that’s what I meant, and I’m in York in North Yorkshire. And yeah I can understand why they would need people in those areas, I was just confused as to why they advertised a job but after applying and getting through most of the process they sAy there are no vacancies in the area? And was also wondering if they come up regularly? Tia
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Re: BT trainee engineer

The whole selection process has been a bit of balls up really so I’m not surprised.