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BT visit


This is a strange question and I am not sure if anyone can help. My Grandad worked for BT for 44 years and recieved an imperial service medal for his time with BT. 

Together we have been writing his life story, and he has happy memories of working and managing telephone exhchanges such as Acton (LWACT) and Uxbridge (LWUXB). He turns 90 this year and I would love to be able to take him to one of the exhanges he worked at. 

I am not sure if this is possible or where I can make this enquiry, customer services suggested posting my query here. 

I would be grateful for any suggestions. 



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Re: BT visit

Welcome to this user forum.

The way forward would be to contact the Openreach Field Manager for that exchange.

This is actually a BT Retail forum, so I am not sure the best way to go about this, however I will ask one of the moderators, as they to have contacts within Openreach who may be able to help.

I think your Grandad would no longer recognise the inside of most exchanges, as they are all totally different now. Most open spaces are now sectioned off into secure areas, so he would need an  authorised escort to show him around.

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Re: BT visit

Thank you very much. I will into the Openreach Field Managers for these branches. 

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Re: BT visit

@Ushabaulch wrote:

Thank you very much. I will into the Openreach Field Managers for these branches. 

See what one of the moderators suggest, but if you go to one of the exchanges, and speak to either security, or an Openreach employee, they should be able to give you the contact number for the field manager, who may be willing to help, I suspect he would need to do some checks first.

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Re: BT visit

There is an e-book called "Please Wipe Your Boots" by Stanley George, which your Grandad may like to read, as its an account of life in the exchanges.


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Re: BT visit

Thank you for this advice, I phoned a few numbers and got through to the field manager for the Uxbridge exchange. I left a message so hopefully can sort something out. 


Again, I really appreciate your help.

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Re: BT visit

There is a Facebook go up called British telecom past and present. You maybe able to make contact with someone who used to work with your granddad.
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Re: BT visit

Hi @Ushabaulch

Welcome and thanks for posting.

There isn't much we would be able to do for you from here I'm afraid.  Your best bet would be to follow the advice Keith has suggested and try and get hold of the field manager.

Personally, I do hope you're able to arrange things as I'm sure it would be something your Grandad would really enjoy.