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Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

I have a long standing Broadband problem .... evident from the day I switched to BT. It has been well documented and, to date, I have got absolutely nowhere.

Is it a widely used approach to force disatisfied BT customers to have to go to the Ombudsman when they have suffered abysmal service and cannot obtain a sensible level of compensation - not for their poor connection but for their time and inconvenience in attemptiing to sort it out?

I am currently being 'threatened' with a 'deadlock' letter ...... presumably in the hope that I won't bother pursuing my claim. What kind of way is this to treat your customers? I find BT's approach absolutely abhorent.


Has this kind of thing happened to other people?

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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

In another post of yours you were offered help from the forum moderators did you take up the offer if not I suggest you do as they will take personal ownership of your problem until it is resolved and they have a very good record in this sort of problem
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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

Yes, I absolutely did take up the offer. Sadly my problem remains. My best hope occured when, for reasons unbeknown to me, the person who had arranged to call me back at a specific time didn't manage it. A great shame as he was clearly technically competent. So, the case rumbles on - I've now had the problem for 4 months and been messsed about like you would not believe. 


Claiming for compensation for the huge amount of upheavel (very long tedious story) was something anyone would do. I am not asking for compensation for the 2-3 line drops per day I have suffered on average but for the masssive disruption spending hours on the phone to people at BT in various locations. I have made myself availaable for scheduled calls that never materialised and have been woken while ill by someone who should never have called in the first place (and who was requested not to). I have been read constant 'scripts' by your Indian staff who, whilst perfectly pleasant, faailed to take ownership of the problem. I have also lost every wired extension in my house when an engineer, quite needlessly, insisted on replacing my 18-month old Master Socket.


Right now, a 'new' person HAS agreed to take ownership, has offered me a desirory £20 off my bill and has warned me that if I don't accept the offer is likely to be withdrawn and a 'deadlock' letter issued. Not a great way to treat a customer who's been screwed around for 4 months !!


Perhaps you can understand why I am more than a little annoyed, especially as, as a shareholder in BT, these guys actually work fro me (indirectly speaking of course).


I suffer ill health and it would seem like BT assume they will grind me down and that I will simply drop the case and put up with lousy service where, for 6 years with my previous provider, I had not a single line drop and great service. Sadly, Vodafone pulled out of the market and I was to be 'transferred' to Plusnet. We all know who owns Plusnet.


So, yes, I have done EVERYTHING I can and EVERYTHING I have been requested to do.


I think if you were sat where I am you would find it pretty disgraceful and would be equally frustrated and annoyed.



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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

are you a Plusnet customer if so this forum is BT retail users and you really need to be addressing your problem with them not BT retail

also please remember this is a customer to customer self help forum apart from the Forum Moderators they are the only BT employees we are all BT retail customers

so your comment "I have been read constant 'scripts' by your Indian staff " does not apply they are not our staff but those of BT Retail
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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

You really do have a problem don't you?

I have some questions for you ......


1) Why didn't you actually read my post? It is OBVIOUS I am a BT customer.


2) I was looking for help ..... I am being pushed into a corner by BT and wondered if other people had been treated in a similar manner?


To put the record straight as you clearly have problems understanding ..... I am a BT RETAIL CUSTOMER.


3) Wny, if you are not paid by BT have you made 15,970 posts since 2010? Honestly, if you are not beiing paid, which I seriously doubt (but will find out) you seriously do need to get out more,. Maybe take up dating, drininking eating? Something normal?


Every single one of your responses to me has been 100% useless and I have serious concerns re: your effectiveness in this environment. I shall add you to my list of interesting people who do NOTHING to enhance the public's perception of BT.


Don't reply, so far it's been worthless !

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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

Are you a Plusnet customer, fellow poster?


Aside - whats a 'deadlock letter'?

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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

First part of my original post makes it VERY obvious that I am a BT customer (BT Total Broadband to give its full name and to avoid any future confusion. My reference to Plusnet was in passing. I had broadband from 'Vodafone at Home' prior to switching to BT. I was with them for 6 years and they were excellent. The service was very poorly marketed and at the end of last year they dedcided  to pull out of the market and had done a deal to 'transition' all their customers to Plusnet. I found what I thought was a better offer from BT and switched to BT Total Broadband instead.

I have since learned the meaning of the 'Total' part!


Anyway, a 'deadlock' letter is, apparently, a means of BT saying that they are no longer prepared to negotiate with you (maybe they'll even be vindictive and make my BB connection even worse?). They do that to force you to go to the Ombudsman in the hope that you won't. Bully Boy tactics pure and simple .... not even the banks get away with stuff like this!


Anyway, I hope you never have a problem! We'll maybe be OK by 2035 when we get fibre or 4g or LTE or whatever? I won't hold my breath!

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Re: Being 'forced' to contact the Ombudsman

Just to clarify, the financial ombudsman service asks for written evidence from the company that an issue is deadlocked before they investigate. Probably similar here, as you surmise.


Anyway, let us know if your new service turns up at 8.35pm. Smiley Very Happy 

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