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Bt Support call

I had a call from BT Support a few minutes ago from a nice man with a thick indian accent claiming to be BT support. Apprently my wifi is infected with something and he was kind enough to ring me and help me through the process of fixinig it.

So he told me to press windows key + r and type in eventvwr and press ok.

Then he pointed at Custom Views / Administrative events and explained that all the errors displayed there where something about wifi issues being infected and how viewing facebook or youtube could be seen, not 100% sure about the technical details of what he was claiming but lots of buzzwords in there.

so next step windows key + r again and this time iexplorer and ok.

This opened internet explorer and sent me to logmein. at this pointed i stopped him and politley said no chance i was letting him access to my machine though I wish I had a clean virtual machine knocking around to see what he was actually going to install and try and charge me. Or at least got the 6 digit code so logmein can ban these people. Still wasted 10 mins of their time while I played skyrim.

Anyway the point of all this is I would like to complain about this to someone but I have no idea how. It seems is actually owned by logmein so its not like bt can just block it. I'm assuming Bt knows where the calls are coming from as someone is paying to make the calls. What does BT actually do about all this or is it just ignored ?

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Re: Bt Support call

This is a scam that has nothing what so ever to do with BT and there is nothing they can do to stop such calls being made.

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Re: Bt Support call

I know it wasn't BT straight away but strung them along a bit to see what they wanted.

Don't really know how the phone network works these days but why cant they work out who called and block them ? surely someone get billed for this normally if your paying for something there is a pretty good trail back to source.

Also couldn't find anywhere to report this kind of activity which would be nice rather than this forum post.

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Re: Bt Support call

most of these numbers are spoofed and come using a VoIP internet services also if they come from outside the UK they cannot track the provider as these people constantly change numbers least of track who they yjey pay the bill to
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Re: Bt Support call

My.mum got stung by this last week. She had only just got off the phone to bt, having Internet issues. And she was speaking to a guy in India, when 5 minutes later a phone call from bt, from a man in an Indian accent. Bt support couldn't care less ans said it was a well known scam, she's in her 60s and not that tech savvy. Needless to say because if the unhelpfylness of bt she moved to sky.
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Re: Bt Support call

the problem is common with all providers scams happen you just need to be aware and be careful the Microsoft scam is one of the well known ones