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Bt has us all ways

When you take a car back to the garage when you have sold it to them , do
they just put petrol in and sell it to the next customer , no they don,'t !
So how come when you take over an old line to connect to bt , do you do any
checks, ie to make sure the wiring is intact, the box is not falling off
the wall or broken , outside wires are all clipped and comply to standards
No you don,t , surely this is a health and safety standards issue , you
accept everything is hearsay !
Please answer this carefully as I am going to pass your answers onto
health and safety in the home . As I believe this is a breach in human
safety for the home owner , children in the home etc, and people working or
playing outside !

Found a fault with the wiring on the main box and they want to charge me to repair it , it is their box not mine so why should i pay ?

if all the wiring past my boundary wall is mine , it,s no problem then for me to rip it down , leave it in the street and then charge Bt £200 an hour to access my land !!

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Re: Bt has us all ways

this link may help you


This is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go to BT although the forum is moderated by BT not every post is read 

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Re: Bt has us all ways

Trouble is Bt has no way for us to write complaint letters unless we use the old fashioned way and even then they do not reply!

I for one cannot understand the Indian accents when live help ring you after you having been chatting and passed to different people , who are all there to help but they can't for the passed 4 hours or more !

I pushed a wire back into the live box , now the engineers are all happy in India i have soved the problem , no comment of they will send an engineer to come out and chack the box for free ( long way from India mind )


Bt has gone down a long long way for service ,and customer care , the worst thing i was ever offered bt Bt was Bt Basic ( we will save you money, **bleep** we will rip you off for every penny we gan get from you !


Truly wish i stayed with Aol cheaper and better service than Bt anyday of the week 15 yrs of no hassle , just cheap internet and phone calls !

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Re: Bt has us all ways

you have to request a visit from Openreach but please be aware that you will be charged if the fault is caused by faulty internal wiring after the master socket or anything plugged in to the extensions as to AOL (Talk Talk)they also use the same Openreach engineers and the same charges apply
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Re: Bt has us all ways

If your service is working then there is nothing for Openreach to check then they will raise the call out charge and pass it on to BT