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Canceling Bt

I have decided to leave BT , due to the useless agents on live chat not knowing anything about the problem in hand and you get passed over all the time , then told to ring this number etc;
I have been disconnected and reconnected 3 times , on my second hub for no reason whats so ever !if I have an issue they generate a new order all the time !
Bt mail is useless , you try to write a reply to someone and you get timed out all the time , talk to your agents and they recommend I try google or outlook as they are better email programs to use ! so even your agents are pushing me away from bt software, your links on your pages do not always take you to where you think you are heading, you always end up reading pages you do not want !

Also if you charge me for disconnection , I think that is a slap in my face for all the trouble BT software has caused me over the past couple of weeks !

The best part is you will charge me for your useless software , and you will not reply to this email to you , as all the others I have sent , you have not replied too !!

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Re: Canceling Bt

This is essentially a customer to customer forum and your message is not likely to get taken on board as a communication to BT. You will cop a penalty if you are part-way through an agreed minimum period but otherwise disconnection is subject only to a broadband cease charge of £30, though it will not apply if you transfer to another provider by an approved process (which basically means by using a MAC).



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