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Excitement: New "OR" box being installed?

Recently I noticed a square painted in white on the pavement with "OR" in it, and I am jumping to the conclusion that  it means OpenReach and this will be a new FTTC box.  Am I right?

The nearest box is 1.6Km away which is why i used to get about 1.5mbps before Virgin provided me with 350mbps.  Now there is fibre on the pole in my next street, and I can apply for this but I think they would try to use the ducts in my road (built more recently than the street with poles).

It seems unlikely that they will do away with the poles having just fibred them up so what do you think this box may be for?


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Re: Excitement: New "OR" box being installed?

If it is a new street cabinet then it will not provide FTTP 

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Re: Excitement: New "OR" box being installed?

Thank you, I guessed they wouldn't want to move all the fibre that is up the poles! Maybe its just to get a better DSL service up here! I shall wait and see what they install...

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Re: Excitement: New "OR" box being installed?

You mentioned they’ve just ‘fibered’ up the Telephone Poles.

If they’ve made FTTP available it’s extremely unlikely they’d provide FTTC as well, especially given the Installation Costs of a DSLAM can cost upwards of £50k.

Chances are it’s just a dig to clear a duct blockage or to get to and fix a buried copper joint.