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Re: Experiences with Openreach Community Fibre Partnership for FTTP’s more like the Monty Python....’is this the 15 minute argument or the full half hour’?

You are throwing up silly propositions and arguments because you accept nothing that does not have us prostrating ourselves in front of your revered BT Group.  But if you really think that the way fibre broadband is being rolled out in this country is some great triumph of free enterprise then I really could not disagree with you more.
I’m glad you have nothing more to say....neither do I.  But for one so keen on ‘evidence’ I am surprised that you couldn’t find any ‘evidence’ of the 12-month  BT Full Fibre deal....but I’m happy to let that one go.

And....just for the record...I am the most ardent Brexiteer you could wish (not) to meet!

Have a great life...hope the shares do well!