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Fibre optic broadband

Hi all, I've been using Virgin Fibre for the last year for broadband. But it's a bit pricey and I'm looking at other deals. BT has one that's a lot cheaper (it works out at about £16/month which is great) that supposedly offers the same 50mb speed I currently have, but I've googled and I haven't managed to get clarity on what BT's quality is like these days; I remember speeds used to be a bit patch (on a non-fibre service). Can others report their experience with different fibre optic providers, as I know Virgin use their own network to provide the service and (in my experience) it's generally pretty good? Thanks!
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Re: Fibre optic broadband

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Re: Fibre optic broadband


Welcome to this user forum.

Discussing other ISPs is not allowed on this forum.

Your best option would be to read some of the posts about BT Superfast and Ultrafast broadband, which have been posted on boards.

BT Retail do have some good offers at the moment, so its worth taking a look.



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Re: Fibre optic broadband

I love the connection. I can do online gaming at the same time my son also online games whilst my daughter streams Netflix and my girlfriend listens to music and does work. (We do all go out sometimes though 🙂 . I would recommend it. The only issue I’ve had was the internet dropping 2 days in a row at around 00:00 so not sure what that was but hasn’t happened since. Happy to answer any other questions.
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Re: Fibre optic broadband

If you call in to BT on 0800 800 150 then the agents will be able to tell you about actual speeds in your area. You get a minimum guaranteed speed, and If BT can't provide the guarantee then you can leave without penalty. 

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Re: Fibre optic broadband

If your BT 'fiber/copper' is installed correctly and configured BT end correctly the I would recommend BT with out hesitation.

On the other hand if it is not then I can't.

BT are great when Openreach provide good service.

As soon a Openreach don't the in my experience it all a game of chance.