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Fraudulent call centres impersonating BT

Security warning - Fraud activities

Fraudulent call centres impersonating BT
We’re aware that some customers are being contacted by bogus companies fraudulently claiming to be or acting on behalf of BT. 

The bogus company ‘spoof’ the number they are calling from so if you dial 1471 you may be presented with a fictitious number which masks the real destination. The caller may also offer you a call-back number to confirm the legitimacy of their call and will then answer as if linked to BT. 

The caller might try to convince you that you have a fault or virus on your computer and may try to scare you by suggesting that your computer will stop working if you fail to take action and sign up for the services they're offering. 

We constantly monitor the network to safeguard our customers and if suspicious account activity is detected which makes us think that your account may be compromised or at risk, we'll act to secure the account immediately and prompt you to change your password when you next log in and we never charge for support of this nature. 

Here's some steps you can take if you're unsure about the caller: 


Just some quick hints about how to tell if its a real BT call centre


1.  If they actually give you a direct number to call them - Hang up ITS NOT BT

2.  If they offer to call you again and actually call you - Hang up ITS NOT BT

3.  If they offer a fix for a problem and make it worse - Hang up ITS NOT.........oh hang on, it COULD BE BT