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Getting messed by BT Business team

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How messy could be the BT business staff?


I had Talktalk and Virginmedia telephone lines and when I sent too many emails from my Gmail account, it violated the terms. So, Google disabled my main gmail account and Youtube linked to it. That means, I couldn’t Preach Gospel.


I decided to get domain, and business web hosting so that I could send bulk emails. I approached BT business people and a lady handled my transfer from both Talktalk (Tel. ………6345) and Virginmedia (Tel. ……..3200). After a while, I found that BT is going to mess me around. so, I told BT that I wanted both my numbers the same without any loss of connection time. The Bt. Lady promised me but to be on the safe side, I took one number (Tel. …..3200) off the transfer as a precaution. I confirmed the transfer order for both the lines on 05/08/2016 and the transfer was due on 19/08/2016. Bt sent requests for the two numbers and I had letters from Virginmedia and Talktalk about my leaving and if they could help me to stop the line transfers? Talktalk threatened to charge me over £460.00 against penalty for leaving before the end of the contract but when I told them the reason and they could not provide the business web hosting services, they were considerate in waiving the penalty off. With Virginmedia, there was no penalty as the minimum contract period had finished.

This Bt. Lady was very clever and passed me to her web hosting team to get the domain name assigned. I asked for domain name and she assured me that it is available and she is holding it for me. On checking this domain name with Nominet who issues these domain names, it was found that it had been already taken off by some other person and it was a bluff by BT web hosting team lady. This increased my doubts about the reliability of BT services. On the other hand, this BT lady handling my business line, put a wrong name on the contract and I reminded her about it but she carried on. After a few days, she told me that she has made a mistake and sent me a new contract with correct name with trading as so and so (10/08/2016). Then, I asked the web hosting team to go ahead with my domain name as booked by them. The web hosting people backed off and told me that it was not available. So, I gave them the available domain name as which was available.


BT sent me modem informing me that their engineer will come on 19/08/2016 to fix the Modem and to see that everything is working but none turned up. When I checked with the BT lady why the services are not fixed, she told me that she has not ordered the transfer of line from talktalk yet and if I wanted to go back to talktalk, I can do so. I rang talktalk and they confirmed having released the line to BT and I cannot return back. I told the BT lady and she put me off that nothing could be done today, the Friday and it would be on Monday, 23/08/2016 when she will look into the transfer. It was very annoying and frustrating.


On the other hand, Talktalk has confirmed many times that the same number will be given to BT but BT girl was repeated telling me that Talktalk have placed a “Cease Order” on this number, which is contradictory.


So, today I decided not to take the temporary cloud No. ...... 43611 and asked the business technical help lady to make my residential No. ...... 3200 as my Cloud number and she told me that it would take 24 hours. I was using this line for sometimes today and all of a sudden it stopped working.


So, today, I have no landline at all.


What a mess BT Business team has made of my transfer and I would like my complaint to be escalated to a higher level. I have reported it to Telecom Ombudsman too.


Any suggestions please?



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Re: Getting messed by BT Business team

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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Re: Getting messed by BT Business team

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If we all complained to Ofcom and to our MP every time BT screw us around, then maybe pressure on them would build.


And maybe we'd then be able to talk to people who are less than around 3000 miles away.  Just a thought.

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