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Can anyone help me find a way of escalating a problem through BT?  We have been waiting for a telephone installation for 2 months now.  We are made promises and excuses time after time but the work still hasn't been done although we have pages of worthless documented conversations.  The 'blame' is now being placed on Openreach who we can't contact directly.  We are also being charged for an international service even though we don't have a line installed.  The complaints team have informed us that even though the line hasn't been installed the order is viewed as complete and we have to deal with the billing team to get our money back.  More time spent by us folllowing up on this.  We had set up an international service because I have an elderly mother in South Africa whose husband is being treated for prostate cancer.  This is a very distressing situation as our communication with them - apart from the occasional, very expensive mobile phone call and internet cafe emails - has effectively been broken.   I am absolutely disgusted by the level of service and care offered by BT but it seems like there's nowhere to go to get this problem sorted.  Who can I contact???  

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Re: HELP!!

Hi tearinghairout,

Welcome and thanks for posting. I can help you with this. Drop me an email with the details, including any order reference numbers you have. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. 



Community ModeratorDaveM
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