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I have been disconnected from the free line box

So around 12 pm on thursday. My internet had stopped working and trust it to be a day I was working from home and need the internet. So I phoned my provider who said yes there is a fualt on your line. We will get an openreach engineer to attend your property tomorrow being friday.
So the engineer attend my property done a few test and said I need to go to the green box as there is not a fault on your line it's more than likely the green box someone may have unplugged you. So around 45-50 minuests later he returned to my property and had bad news. Apparently the problem is the port it's died. And there are no more to move it to as the cabinet is full. We need to get a specialist team in to sort it out. It feels like he was trying to cover up the problem that someone has disconnected me and there is now no space left. No one can give me any time frame on when this will be resolved.

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Re: I have been disconnected from the free line box

This is a BT customer forum and has nothing to do with Openreach or any other ISP.

Unless BT Retail is your ISP we can't help you and you should go to your own ISP websiite.