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Information being removed from post

Could any one advise of a way to speak with moderators with regard to information being removed from a post? I would simply like to discuss why this may have happened, and how to possibly avoid this in future.





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Re: Information being removed from post

As a forum member, not a BT moderator, I would guess the reason was that you posted the same message about four times on the same thread, with only a small time interval between. Typically 10:23, 10:53 and 11:00


Also you had links  to a number a number of external sites. Both these things are characteristics of spammers using automated scripts, especially with your randomly generated user name. This is a common problem on this forum Smiley Sad


Linking to external sites from within this very active forum, is often done by spammers to increase their page ranking on the linked sites.

As this is just a BT customer help forum, the posting of scripts is not going to be any help to most customers.


Your initial post about MAC adresses being retained (cached), is an issue which has been mentioned a number of times on this forum, and can be a contant problem with people using BT Wifi, and can sometimes only be cleared by a restart of the host`s home hub.


As a forum member, I would recommend that you use a proper forum name to avoid any future misunderstandings, and avoid linking to external websites.


I hope this is of help.



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Re: Information being removed from post

As I operate within the Information Security field, i can perfectly understand the worry with external links, however, these links were to perfectly reknowned websites. Two sconds research would have yeilded that, yet a moderator decided to censor.  I simply wanted to provide evidence and factual basis for my claims.


I believe my username is perfectly acceptable, just as i don't wish to encapsulate my personality into a 'snappy' *sigh* username, or provide any identifying information.


I did unfortunatley suffer an error when uploading my post, so it was posted TWICE, with one update, as i could not remove the duplicate.


What was removed (which most concerns) me was a technical breakdown of the authentication method used when connecting to a hub. Is it policy to remove information like this? Anyone with a protocol analyiser and browser based proxy can do the same research. It is not as if i posted information pertaining to a security vulnerability.

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Re: Information being removed from post

Did you not get a PM from the mods explaining why information was deleted, it is their normal practice to do so.

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Re: Information being removed from post

I can confirm that I did not. I have double checked.


As a point. Why offer a mechansim to display external links, if the are such a prevalent security issues, or that they damage the credibility of my post? 


No matter a have PM'ed a Moderator, thanks. 



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Re: Information being removed from post

I can see the content of your deleted posts, as they are stored within my RSS reader.


Showing how to spoof your MAC address would be against the forum rules, even though the information is publicly available, BT would not wish to be seen promoting this sort of activity. Remember this forum is managed by BT, its not like a normal public message board.


The user guidelines are on this page


If people see a post which could be suspect, they can flag it up to the moderators.



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Re: Information being removed from post

I dont see how i contravened the ToS 😄


Nor did i really advise anyone how to spoof MAC address, further to that, that would in no way allow you to login as anybody else, as my post states. I dont see how BT wouldn't want to condone a perfectly acceptable action.


Please do not mistake my candure for disrespect, I am just confused by this.

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Re: Information being removed from post

I think you just have to accept that it is BT's forum therefore BT's rules and that, rightly or wrongly, it is heavily moderated.

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Re: Information being removed from post

You misunderstand me. I perfectly understand this, yet i am yet to be told why it was removed formally. Is that not a reasonable request. 


if you read my original post, i would like a formal answer, mainly to avoid this in the future.