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Information regarding my forumhelp website

Regular forum members will probably be aware of my forumhelp website, as its been around for many years, to provide some additional information and support,  as an extension to this  BT Community forum. Some of this content is provided by other forum members.

Over the years I have posted many links to the website, many of which are out-of-date, or point to content which no longer exists, but they still get accessed, even stuff about the old BT Voyager modem/routers Smiley Surprised

Also  there is a link Forum Help  which is to help users navigate the BT Community forum.

To avoid any confusion, and reduce the number of  links to old content, I have renamed the website to Communityhelp and all new links I post, will point to that site. The suffix remains the same.

The forumhelp website will still work, but eventually the site will be redirected to this forum thread, so people can look for the content on the new site.

If you access any content on my website, and get an unauthorised message, then it usually means that you are using your mobile data, or are at work. Please try again once you are connected to your home BT Broadband connection.

If you still cannot get access, then please post a message on this thread, and I will investigate, as there are some BT address ranges, that fail my domain name checks, as they have no DNS entry.

I will update this thread with any changes.


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Re: Information regarding my forumhelp website

If you are directed to this specific post, then it usually means that you are accessing the Communityhelp website from a different connection, and not a Residential BT Broadband connection, perhaps you are visiting from a different ISP, or using BT Mobile?

This can also happen if you use the Opera web browser from home,  as it acts a proxy server, and masks your BT Internet IP address.

 If you are visiting from outside of the UK, then welcome to the BT Community Forums, you will find the main page here

If you are sure you are connected to your home BT Broadband connection, then please post on this thread.

There are no adverts on my communityhelp website, as that would not be permitted on this forum. There are however, some links to BT products.

If you need more help with any BT product, then you can post  on the BT Devices board.

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Re: Information regarding my forumhelp website

Page not found

If you are redirected to this page, it means that you have clicked on a link which no longer exists on the forumhelp website, however if you visit the Communityhelp website, you should be able to find what you are looking for, from the main menu. Most of the content is on the new site.

Some information may be missing, if its no longer applicable, so it would be worth searching the BT Community forum, for a possible solution. Search the fourm