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Lost telephone number

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Please if anyone can help.. transferring landline and broadband from sky to EE.. lost all services 0n 06/05 as apparently bb went over and line didn’t.. so to split service had nothing.. sky called to say if they continue the number would be lost.. I called EE old provider and they said if I cancelled they would re instate and still had control of number.

I did this on Sat.. phone line came up with temp new number..they are now saying openreach completed sky order after 6 weeks and can on sat.

now EE said can’t get the original number back as not allocated to address.. my parents are at wits end both in poor health and lost daughter to Covid so as you can image are at breaking point..

Any help gratefully received thanks.



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Re: Lost telephone number

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there are numerous posts like yours if you use search facility - they will explain procedure

unfortunately there is nothing this customer forum can do to help as you are not a BT Retail customer

was the number originally issued to your parents by BT years ago?  are they still at same address as when issued?

only possible way if number issued by BT would be to take out landline with BT retail and then may be possible to recover number after initial setup

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Re: Lost telephone number

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@Peter-d-k What are the first seven digits of the phone number that they are trying to get back, as that will enable the actual number range holder to be identified.

If it is owned by BT Retail, and they are still living at the same address as they were when it was issued to them, or an address which is still connected to the same BT exchange building, then its normally possible to get the number back, by transferring their phone service to BT Retail.

If its owned by another provider, then only that provider can get their number back.