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Neighbour gets 80+mbps, I get 1mbps!


Apologies if this post isn’t in the right section.  

I live in NI and I need some help with this issue which I have had for a long time now.  I understand this is an infrastructure issue, but any help getting in touch with the right people and any further help would be greatly appreciated.


A few years ago, a new cabinet was installed at the end of my road 0.3 miles away which they connected a few nearby houses up to which all now benefit from great fibre speeds, however, they decided to stop the line at my neighbour’s house (around 80 metres away).  As a cause of this I am the last customer at the end of my line which comes from a cabinet 3.5 miles away.  On a good day I might be lucky to get 1.5mbps.  BT Openreach seem to be more concerned with getting Cities and Towns even faster speeds (Superfast, Ultrafast etc.) than what they already get and therefore neglect everyone else.  This is obviously because they reap more profits from more densely populated urban areas.  The amount of work involved in bridging this gap and linking the new cabinet up to many more houses including my own is minimal and I can’t understand why it still hasn’t been considered.


Over the years I have emailed BT Openreach and when I finally do get a response (usually 6-8 weeks) it’s the same generic reply.  One time, they decided to call me instead and the girl on the phone explained to me rather bluntly that “We’ll probably never do anything about that.” which I was shocked at.


For whatever their reasoning, my area is not eligible for any grants in order to get faster broadband.


Since 2014 I have been working with 4G mobile broadband for my home internet which would cost upwards of £100 per month depending on my usage.  Thankfully, this is a lot cheaper now but due to the pandemic causing a bigger demand on 4G, the speeds are now terrible - sometimes 2mbps at peak times.


Any help or contact details of people that can help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Neighbour gets 80+mbps, I get 1mbps!

This is a BT Retail customer help customer forum and there is no link from this forum to openreach.  If you have already contacted openreach and they are not upgrading your cabinet or due to distance are not currently moving you to the new cabinet there is nothing anyone here can help you with

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