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Non BT scam emails ...

I'm sure this is not new to most of you, but I thought I'd share it.

I received a email from what looked like BT today informing me that my broadband was up for renewal, I knew straight away it was either spam, scam or a mistake as I have at least another 6 months left on my current contract.
However, I had to check in case I was wrong. So I popped onto BT live chat and they confirmed it was indeed spam.

So I deleted it and reported it as spam and blocked any further emails from that specific email address.

The content in the main body of the email look proper genuine and it could be some sort of "tester" to see if people do something with it and then they may try something more serious.
Personally, I always check the sender's email address details and if it's not straight forward and is full of dots and text, then I just delete it immediately.
And I NEVER click on a link within any emails, I'll go directly to the BT app or their website and log in that way.