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Not a happy customer - Yet!

I'm a returning customer to BT for Broadband. Was lured away a decade ago with triple the speed and a third of the cost whilst still utilising the same equipment at the exchange originally- I know I'm cheap! Now returned......was I surprised at the oopses? No, not one bit unfortunately. Despite horrendous language problems speaking to India, eventually I found someone who could understand me - i'm Scottish!


I realised quite quickly that they were obviously limited in what they could do and what they understood about their managed infrastructure, not their fault but why use them? (I come from a 25 year background in Networks and Programming so I've got a fair idea where to look for a likely suspect when things go wrong) In any event, despite their best intentions I managed to get my Home Hub 4 working. Wait a minute! 1 giga port as opposed to 4 giga ports on my previous router and thats progress or a good deal? Think not BT, that's a retrograde step if ever there was one. (maybe I will fish out my Draytek and use it linked) Anyway, as I said i'm up and running 🙂   


Now the oopses! Contacted BT to ask the nice people in the Indian Sub-Continent why my HH4 was proudly displaying a download rate of 17meg whilst it was actually as slow as a donkey cart, an arthritic one at that. Actual download speed was now less that 1meg. Talk about slow, reminded me of dial-up days! They stuck to what their screens showed them, I rebooted the Home Hub; back up to 15meg this time. Slower than what i've been previously getting from my BTW slot in the exchange but i'm not going to hop up and down as long as it doesn't go below that. (have to be reasonable I suppose)


Next we get to the little issue of switching on the Wi-Fi segment of the Home Hub (the bit that's partitioned off for passing users) I get it that as long as I suscribe, then I can utilise the BT WiFi app for my iPad Air. Seem fair enough, but it wont switch on and when I try to log in to the WiFi registration page I get the message "Customer product is not on allowed product list" - from an iPad, I don't think so! (trying to log on from a pc is a no-no either)


I have also found that since connection, my Broadband either slows right down (as I mentioned before) or reboots all on its own some time after midnight each night. Suggests engineering gremlins at work on a regular basis but no info from BT.


So, would like to get these minor issues rectified, or at least explained from someone at BT. I suppose the milllion dollar question has to be:- Why doesn't BT equipment, BT apps and BT websites just work out of the box? Does no-one test anything any more?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Not a happy customer - Yet!

the btwifi/fon will show as working after a few days as new customers are opted in automatically and then you can opt out if you don't want the facility

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