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Re: Number port and move not complete - currently got 2 properties with same phone number

I think part of the problem is that you have ( or al least your ‘old’ provider ) has subverted the number portability process , there is nothing wrong with taking a number to a new address , if both addresses are served from the same local exchange , but that isn’t number portability, that’s a ‘home mover’, number port is a process that allows you change provider without having to lose your number , importantly at the same address.....arguably , to get what you ( presumably wanted ) you should have switched provider at the old addresss , ( TT to BT ) then used BT’s ‘home mover’ to change the service address.

Something you appear to recently have added is that incoming calls are only ‘failing’ from a few ‘networks’, presumably TT themselves, so any TT customers ( and TT may have wholesale customers who use their network ) will route route through TT network to the old address, some mobile networks may also be affected.

There is a good chance ( as already stated ) that simply cancelling your TT service at the old address will sort out these missing incoming calls, if the number is a ‘BT’ number, once TT  cease your service the number should revert to the number range holder ( BT) , but AFAIR , there is a similar post on this forum or a similar one where a consumer is still not getting some incoming calls even though the port is supposedly closed and the number back with the number range holder.

Initially , I thought your issue was going to be with ‘digital voice’, but that appears to be OK.