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Openreach's network unavailable at my street.

Hi there, 

So I'm doing this for the sake of research so I'm not looking to get broadband on Openreach's network. So basically, I moved to a new build home area which is served by OFNL instead of a network like Openreach. I didn't really like OFNL but I just had to what I could with it. I tried to see if a broadband company on Openreach's network would offer my home broadband but they simply cannot find the address, or they can't offer it. However, on Plusnet they do say they can offer a copper connection but I'd rather just pay more with OFNL. Now, I'll get to the point. So, I saw a manhole cover just on the house in front of mine with "BT" written on it. I'm guessing that means that my house could most likely be served an FTTP or FTTC connection. But, I have no idea why broadband companies aren't even able to see if there's a full fibre connection to the house at all. I'd really appreciate if someone could maybe explain why this may be. 


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Re: Openreach's network unavailable at my street.

A new site developer can do a sweetheart deal with anyone they want ,the site is private property until the roads and footpaths are adopted by the local authority, which is usually at least a year or three after the last plot has been sold ….if this site is OFNL only , then the developer had an arrangement to only allow OFNL access to the site during construction.

If there are some jointboxes with Openreach lids may say BT , but as Openreach and not BT have had responsibility for BTGroups network build since 2006 , then presumably the box or boxes are quite old and probably existed before the development was started, is this site built a green field or brown field development, if brownfield then it’s not unusual to have some legacy network elements still visible from before the site was cleared and ‘sold’ to the developer.

Your assertion that your property could get FTTP or FTTC is unlikely, the chances are no Openreach network exists , some properties on the extremities of the site , that front onto already ‘public’ maintained areas may possibly have access but in general if OR were locked out during construction of the development, there won’t be any service until a retro build scheme is delivered, and that’s not possible until the council adopts the area and even then it could be a very long wait before anything is done .

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Re: Openreach's network unavailable at my street.

OFNL don’t have their own Fibre Spine back to a Data Centre.

They basically lease a Private Ethernet Circuit from Openreach, which will go to a Building/Cabinet somewhere on the Estate. That Circuit is then basically shared between the Estate.

So the ‘BT’ Joint Box Cover (Not Man Hole) you’re seeing most likely just provides the Ethernet Circuit.