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Postcode mismatch


We have been trying for the past few months to switch from Sky to BT broadband however every time Open reach try to change the line over they say there is a mismatch in the postcodes. Both Sky and BT have our correct postcode. From reading other message threads it seems maybe open reach have our postcode wrong. How do I solve this issue? 

I have spent numerous hours on the phone to BT staff over the past few months trying to resolve the issue but each time I’m told my order has been cancelled and will need to be placed again. Which means I’m having to wait weeks for a new connection date and the same problem occurs again.  

In the meantime Sky have disconnected our broadband (rightly so as BT were scheduled to take over the line) and we are left with no internet. We rely on internet for home working and also to run our heating and hot water. We have an 18 month old baby and living without essentials is becoming impossible. I originally wanted to join BT to experience a better level of customer service but so far this has not happened. 
Please can someone help? I’m not sure what else I can do as a customer 

Thank in advance 

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Re: Postcode mismatch


Who are you with at the moment, as they are the only ones that can ask Openreach to update the database?

Have you totally ceased your Sky service?

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Re: Postcode mismatch

We were with Sky up until Monday but now Sky are saying we are no longer their customer and have stopped our service. BT have an account open for us and I’m being told I am now a BT customer but don’t have any broadband connection