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Problems logging into Flickr

I have a Flickr account which is used infrequently.   It has now been moved under the Yahoo umbrella and only recognises the @btopenworld, rather than @btinternet address I used previously.   The btopenworld seems to be the primary address on my account, but it looks like I can't change that to my preferred of the btinternet one.


I have restarted my computer and then tried to logon onto Flickr again, using the Openworld address but it just returns the following error message (I have removed my name and substituted it with "MY NAME"!):


We're sorry, but there's a problem.

Here's what going on:

Your Yahoo! ID uses the email address That email address is already associated with the MY NAME account on Flickr.

Here's what to do:

  • If you are trying to create a new Flickr account for your Yahoo! ID, you need to either:
    • Remove the email address from your MY NAME Flickr account. (You'll need to sign in to Flickr with your MY.NAME Yahoo! ID to do this.) Or,
    • Change the primary email address for your Yahoo! ID. (Your Yahoo! preferences.)
  • If you are trying to access your MY NAME Flickr account, please sign in to Yahoo! again with your MY.NAME Yahoo! ID.




Do you have any suggestions on how I can access my account, both to upload photos and view the ones I have stored there?   This error message won't go and I can't get round it



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Re: Problems logging into Flickr

Couple of things. btopenworld and btinternet addresses are completely interchangeable.

Flickr has absolutely no connection with BT now, so you would be better posting on the Yahoo forum.

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Re: Problems logging into Flickr

Thanks for the reply.   Been trying the Yahoo help forum and would say that 'Help' is not a word I would apply to it.   A crystal ball would be better!

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Re: Problems logging into Flickr

I'm assuming you took out a subscription once the free BT accounts were closed down some years ago.

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Re: Problems logging into Flickr

I know things changed, but can't remember the background - it didn't seem relevant as long as I could still access my photos.  I only use it after my holidays and the last time I logged on was January.   The Yahoo 'help' site seems next to useless as there are already a number of posts about the same issue and a good many complaining about how user UNfriendly it is.