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RADIO BUTTONS - site "not secure" BTW speed test info only

I am delighted with my throughput still, as a secondary wifi user on a BT system I share with my neighbour two-doors down.  


With the better weather I thought I would venture away to the upstairs with my computer and make some space in the kitchen, the room closest to the amplification point which is outside my neighbours home and on the wall (giving me generally excellent throughput up to 60 or 70 mb/s which I don't think anyone could fault


This post is about getting the speedtest to work however - which I couldn't manage for a while - the radio buttons being blanked out  and I am more than happy with the results btw allow site not secure forum.jpg


Navigating to the "not secure" button next to the URL I found it gave a drop down with an "allow" feature - for downloads etc.  It works fine with that option checked as "allow"


Just by way of a pleased indeed and a bit "gloaty" I thought I would post the result here, now I got it to work (the bedroom is on the opposite side of the house and faces the street - whereas the kitchen is roughly exactly line of sight barring the door hardware dogleg for my antenna)


Very happy indeed, Hilary